Record Store Business Plan Template

Record Store Business Plan Template
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

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Record Store Business Plan Example

Below is our record store business plan template and sample plan:

I. Executive Summary

Company Overview

TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop, nestled in the heart of our vibrant community, represents the epitome of vinyl culture. Our mission is to reignite the passion for vinyl records by offering an unmatched selection of genres and rare editions, alongside high-quality turntables and record players. Located in a bustling area known for its rich musical heritage, we aim to become a cornerstone for vinyl enthusiasts and music lovers, providing a space where they can explore and deepen their love for music. Our dedication to curating a diverse inventory and fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all makes us more than just a shop; we’re a destination for discovery.

Success Factors

Our success stems from a relentless commitment to quality and variety in our vinyl selection, setting us apart in the competitive landscape. We’ve curated an inventory that appeals to a broad spectrum of music enthusiasts, ensuring we have something for everyone. Our accomplishments to date include establishing strong relationships with suppliers and record labels, which allows us to offer exclusive releases and sought-after editions. Furthermore, our expertise in high-quality audio equipment ensures our customers enjoy the best possible listening experience, solidifying our position as a leading destination for audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

Industry Analysis

The vinyl record industry is experiencing a remarkable renaissance, driven by a growing appreciation for analog sound quality and tangible music formats. This resurgence is fueled by both older generations’ nostalgia and younger audiences’ desire for authentic and immersive music experiences. The market’s expansion is evident in the increasing number of vinyl shops and the growing diversity of vinyl records being produced. However, this growth also brings challenges, including competition from digital platforms and the need for differentiation in a crowded market. Despite these challenges, the enduring appeal of vinyl records, combined with the industry’s adaptability, suggests a promising future for businesses like ours that are dedicated to enriching the vinyl community.

Customer Analysis

Our target customers span a wide demographic, including both seasoned vinyl collectors and newcomers eager to explore vinyl culture. These individuals share a common appreciation for the quality, artistry, and tangible connection to music that vinyl offers. Our community is diverse, encompassing all ages, backgrounds, and musical tastes, from classic rock aficionados to those with a penchant for indie and experimental genres. Understanding our customer base’s varied preferences allows us to tailor our inventory and services, ensuring we meet their needs and exceed their expectations, fostering a loyal and engaged community around our brand.

Competitive Analysis

Direct Competitors: VinylBeat, RecordRenaissance, GrooveCity

Our competitive advantage lies in our unparalleled selection of vinyl records and high-quality audio equipment. Unlike VinylBeat and RecordRenaissance, which focus primarily on mainstream releases, our inventory includes a wide range of genres and rare editions, catering to the tastes of all vinyl enthusiasts. Additionally, GrooveCity offers a similar range but lacks our expertise in audio equipment. Our commitment to quality, variety, and superior customer experience positions TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop as the premier destination for music lovers.

Marketing Plan

At TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop, our marketing strategy revolves around showcasing our diverse product range, competitive pricing, and exceptional services. We focus on providing a curated selection of vinyl records and high-quality turntables, ensuring our pricing reflects the value and rarity of our offerings. Our promotions plan leverages social media, email newsletters, and local advertising to reach our target audience effectively. We also host in-store events and promotions, enhancing our community engagement and drawing in both new and returning customers. This comprehensive approach allows us to build a strong brand presence and foster a loyal customer base.

Operations Plan

Our operational processes are designed to ensure seamless day-to-day management and exceptional customer service. Key activities include meticulous inventory management, proactive customer service, efficient order processing, and strategic merchandising to showcase our products effectively. We prioritize maintaining strong supplier relationships for a steady stock of diverse vinyl records. Additionally, regular staff training, community engagement, and effective marketing and promotions are integral to our operations. We aim to achieve significant milestones, such as expanding our inventory with exclusive releases and enhancing our online presence, to solidify our market position and drive growth.

Management Team

Our management team comprises individuals with extensive experience in retail, music curation, and business management. This diverse expertise ensures we are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the vinyl record industry and lead TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop towards sustained success. Our team’s passion for music and commitment to excellence drives our strategy, operations, and customer engagement, positioning us to achieve our vision of becoming the go-to vinyl shop for music lovers in our community and beyond.

Financial Plan

To reach our growth goals, TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop requires significant investment in inventory expansion, marketing initiatives, and operational enhancements. Our financial plan outlines the need for capital to support these strategic areas, ensuring we can continue to offer an exceptional selection of vinyl records and audio equipment, attract and retain customers, and maintain our competitive edge in the market. This investment will fuel our growth, enhance our brand presence, and secure our position as a leader in the vinyl record industry.


Below is an overview of our expected financial performance over the next five years:

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Revenues $2,225,980 $2,410,358 $2,610,008 $2,826,196 $3,060,290
Direct Expenses $550,209 $578,240 $607,698 $638,658 $671,194
Gross Profit $1,675,770 $1,832,118 $2,002,310 $2,187,538 $2,389,095
Gross Profit (%) 75.3% 76% 76.7% 77.4% 78.1%
Other Expenses $103,153 $106,282 $109,507 $112,829 $116,252
EBITDA $1,572,617 $1,725,835 $1,892,802 $2,074,708 $2,272,842
Depreciation $14,600 $14,600 $14,600 $14,600 $14,600
Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Interest Expense $14,050 $14,050 $14,050 $14,050 $14,050
Income Tax Expense $540,388 $594,014 $652,453 $716,120 $785,467
Net Income $1,003,578 $1,103,170 $1,211,699 $1,329,937 $1,458,725


II. Company Overview

TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop is a fresh and vibrant Record Store nestled in the heart of Pinellas Park, FL. As a local business, we’ve identified a unique opportunity in our community – the lack of a high-quality local record store. Driven by our passion for music and vinyl records, we’re here to fill that gap and bring the joy of analog sound back to our neighborhood.

At TimelessGrooves, we pride ourselves on offering a wide array of products and services tailored to the needs and preferences of music enthusiasts. Our shelves are stocked with an extensive selection of vinyl records, spanning various genres and eras, ensuring there’s something for every taste. Alongside our vinyl collection, customers will find a curated selection of CDs (Compact Discs), for those who prefer the convenience of digital formats. We also offer a range of turntables and record players, from vintage classics to modern models, catering to both seasoned audiophiles and those new to the vinyl scene. Additionally, we carry an assortment of merchandise and accessories, perfect for personal use or as gifts for the music lovers in your life.

Located in the bustling community of Pinellas Park, FL, TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop is perfectly positioned to serve the local population and visitors alike. Our store is not just a place to buy music; it’s a haven for those looking to experience the rich sound quality of vinyl and connect with fellow music enthusiasts.

Our confidence in the success of TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop is grounded in several key factors. Firstly, our founder brings invaluable experience from successfully running a previous record store, ensuring we have the knowledge and expertise to thrive in this industry. Additionally, our commitment to offering a superior selection of vinyl records and high-quality turntables and record players sets us apart from the competition. We’re not just selling products; we’re offering an experience that revives the timeless tradition of vinyl listening.

Since our founding on January 5, 2024, as a C Corporation, we’ve achieved several significant milestones. Our journey began with the development of our unique company name and logo, symbols of our brand’s identity and mission. Following this, we secured an ideal location for our store, laying the groundwork for our physical presence in the community. These accomplishments mark just the beginning of our journey, as we continue to grow and establish ourselves as a cornerstone of the Pinellas Park music scene.


III. Industry Analysis

The Record Store industry in the United States is experiencing a resurgence in recent years, with the market size estimated to be around $1.3 billion. This growth can be attributed to the increasing popularity of vinyl records among music enthusiasts and collectors. As more consumers seek out physical copies of their favorite albums, Record Stores like TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop have the opportunity to capitalize on this trend and establish themselves as a go-to destination for music lovers in Pinellas Park, FL.

Market research indicates that the Record Store industry is expected to continue growing at a steady pace in the coming years. By 2025, the market size is projected to reach $1.6 billion, representing a significant opportunity for businesses like TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop to expand their customer base and increase their revenue. As more people rediscover the joy of browsing through records and building their music collections, Record Stores are well-positioned to thrive in the evolving music retail landscape.

Recent trends in the Record Store industry, such as the resurgence of vinyl records and the growing interest in music memorabilia, bode well for TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop’s success in Pinellas Park, FL. By offering a curated selection of vinyl records, hosting live music events, and providing a unique shopping experience for customers, TimelessGrooves has the potential to carve out a niche in the local market and attract a loyal following of music enthusiasts. With the industry on an upward trajectory, now is the perfect time for Record Stores like TimelessGrooves to capitalize on the growing demand for physical music formats.


IV. Customer Analysis

Below is a description of our target customers and their core needs.

Target Customers

We will target local residents who have a passion for music, particularly those who appreciate the rich sound and nostalgic experience that vinyl records provide. This segment is characterized by a wide age range, from young adults interested in the tactile and visual appeal of vinyl to older generations looking to reconnect with the music of their youth. Our store will offer a variety of genres to cater to the diverse tastes of our local community.

Additionally, we will also focus on audiophiles and collectors, individuals who seek high-fidelity audio and rare presses. This customer segment values quality and rarity and is willing to invest in premium products. We will tailor our inventory to include limited edition releases and high-quality pressings to meet their exacting demands.

We will also target music enthusiasts who are not necessarily vinyl collectors but are interested in music culture and memorabilia. These customers might be looking for merchandise, posters, and other music-related items that we will offer alongside our vinyl records. This approach will allow us to attract a broader audience and create a community space for music lovers in the area.

Customer Needs

TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop meets the evolving needs of music enthusiasts by providing high-quality vinyl records, CDs, turntables, and record players. Customers can expect a one-stop destination for all their music playback needs, ensuring they have access to both the classic charm of vinyl and the convenience of modern digital formats. This comprehensive offering caters to audiophiles and casual listeners alike, who seek the tactile experience of physical music collections.

In addition to offering a wide range of music playback hardware, TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop understands the importance of music discovery and nostalgia. The shop curates a diverse selection of genres and rare finds, allowing customers to expand their musical horizons and reconnect with cherished memories. Patrons can expect an immersive experience, where the joy of flipping through records and the thrill of finding a long-sought album creates a unique shopping adventure.

Furthermore, TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop acknowledges the social aspect of music collecting. The shop fosters a community of music lovers through events, listening parties, and knowledgeable staff recommendations. Customers can enjoy a welcoming environment where they can share insights, learn about music history, and connect with fellow enthusiasts. This community-focused approach enriches the customer’s experience, making TimelessGrooves not just a store, but a hub for cultural exchange and musical passion.


V. Competitive Analysis

Direct Competitors

TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop’s competitors include the following companies:

Bananas Records is renowned for its extensive collection of vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, and other music memorabilia. They cater to a wide range of customers, from casual listeners to serious collectors, by offering both new and used items. Their price points vary significantly, allowing them to serve customers with different budgets. Bananas Records operates from two locations in St. Petersburg, FL, making it accessible to a broad customer base in the area. The key strength of Bananas Records lies in its vast inventory, which is one of the largest in the world. This enables the store to attract customers looking for rare and hard-to-find items. However, the sheer size of their collection can sometimes make it challenging for customers to find specific items without assistance. Another potential weakness is the focus on physical formats in an increasingly digital music market, which might limit their appeal to younger demographics.

Planet Retro Records specializes in vinyl records, focusing on punk, metal, indie, and other alternative genres. This specialization allows them to serve a niche market of music enthusiasts looking for specific genres not widely available in mainstream stores. Their prices are competitive, catering to both budget-conscious customers and collectors looking for rare releases. Planet Retro Records is located in St. Petersburg, FL, positioning it well to serve the local alternative and indie music community. A key strength of Planet Retro Records is its community involvement. They often host live shows and events, fostering a strong community around the store. This engagement with the local music scene is a significant draw for customers. However, the store’s niche focus could be seen as a weakness, as it may not appeal to those with broader musical tastes or those looking for more mainstream genres.

Sound Exchange offers a wide range of products, including vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, video games, and audio equipment. They cater to a diverse customer base by providing both new and used items at various price points. Sound Exchange has multiple locations in the Tampa Bay area, including Pinellas Park, making it a direct competitor to TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop. Their key strength lies in the variety of products they offer, which appeals to a broad spectrum of customers. Sound Exchange also prides itself on knowledgeable staff who can assist customers in finding what they need. A potential weakness is the challenge of maintaining high-quality standards across such a diverse range of products and services, which could affect customer satisfaction. Each of these competitors brings unique strengths and weaknesses to the market. Bananas Records’ extensive inventory, Planet Retro Records’ community engagement and niche focus, and Sound Exchange’s product diversity and knowledgeable staff present distinct challenges and opportunities for TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop in the competitive landscape of record stores in Pinellas Park, FL.

Competitive Advantages

At TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop, we take pride in our unparalleled selection of vinyl records, which sets us apart from our competitors. Our inventory is meticulously curated to cater to the tastes of every vinyl enthusiast, from the casual listener to the dedicated collector. We understand the importance of variety and quality in building a music collection, which is why we ensure that our selection not only spans multiple genres but also includes rare and sought-after editions. This dedication to providing a superior selection of vinyl records is a key competitive advantage, enabling us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

In addition to our exceptional array of vinyl records, we offer turntables and record players that are in pristine condition. Recognizing that the listening experience is just as important as the music itself, we provide our customers with high-quality equipment that enhances their enjoyment of vinyl records. Our expertise enables us to select and maintain turntables and record players that deliver superior sound quality, ensuring that our customers can fully appreciate the nuances of their favorite music. This commitment to offering top-notch equipment, alongside our outstanding selection of vinyl records, positions TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop as a premier destination for audiophiles and music lovers in the area.


VI. Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan, included below, details our products/services, pricing and promotions plan.

Products, Services & Pricing

At TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop, customers can find an extensive collection of vinyl records that cater to a wide range of musical tastes and genres. The vinyl records are available at an average price of $25, offering both new releases and classic albums to ensure every vinyl enthusiast finds something they love. This product line is the cornerstone of their offering, emphasizing the rich sound quality and nostalgic experience that vinyl records bring to music lovers.

In addition to vinyl records, the shop also specializes in CDs (Compact Discs), providing an alternative for those who prefer the compact and convenient format of CDs. With an average price of $15, customers can explore a diverse selection of albums across various genres. This option caters to those who may still be building their vinyl collection or prefer the digital sound quality of CDs.

Understanding the importance of a good playback device, TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop offers a range of turntables and record players. These vary in features and price points to suit both beginners and audiophiles, with an average price of $200. The shop ensures that customers can find the perfect turntable or record player that meets their specific needs, whether it’s a straightforward model for those new to vinyl or a high-fidelity turntable for seasoned collectors.

For enthusiasts looking to express their love for music, the shop provides an assortment of merchandise. This includes branded apparel, posters, and other music-related memorabilia, with prices averaging around $30. The merchandise selection allows customers to wear their musical tastes on their sleeve, literally, and decorate their spaces with symbols of their favorite bands and albums.

Lastly, TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop carries a variety of accessories essential for vinyl record and CD maintenance and storage, including protective sleeves, cleaning kits, and storage solutions. With prices averaging $20, these accessories ensure that customers can keep their collections in pristine condition, enhancing the longevity and quality of their music listening experience.

Overall, TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop is dedicated to providing a comprehensive selection of products and services that cater to the needs of music lovers. From high-quality vinyl records and CDs to turntables, merchandise, and essential accessories, customers can expect to find everything they need to enjoy and celebrate their love for music.

Promotions Plan

At TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop, we understand the importance of connecting with our customers and creating a vibrant community of vinyl enthusiasts. To achieve this, we will employ a variety of promotional methods designed to attract a diverse audience and foster a culture of music appreciation. Our promotional strategy encompasses both traditional and innovative approaches, ensuring we reach our audience effectively.

One of the cornerstones of our promotional efforts will be online marketing. We will leverage social media platforms to engage with our audience, sharing news about new arrivals, exclusive releases, and events happening at our shop. Our website will serve as a central hub for our community, featuring an online catalog, a blog with music reviews and recommendations, and a calendar of events. Email newsletters will keep our subscribers informed about promotions, special offers, and the latest additions to our collection.

But our promotional strategy extends beyond the digital realm. We will host in-store events, such as live performances, album listening parties, and meet-and-greets with local artists, to create a unique and engaging shopping experience. Collaborations with local businesses and participation in community events will help us establish a strong presence in Pinellas Park, FL, and build relationships with our neighbors.

To further entice customers, we will implement loyalty programs and offer exclusive discounts to repeat customers. These incentives not only reward our loyal customer base but also encourage new customers to explore our extensive vinyl collection.

Understanding the power of word-of-mouth, we will encourage our customers to share their experiences and purchases on social media, offering them incentives for tagging us and posting about their finds. This organic promotion will help us reach a wider audience and attract new customers who share our passion for vinyl.

Finally, we will engage in targeted advertising, utilizing online ads that appeal to our core demographic. By analyzing data and feedback, we will continuously refine our advertising strategy to ensure maximum reach and effectiveness.

Through these promotional methods, TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop will not only attract customers but also build a community around the love of vinyl music. We are committed to providing an unparalleled shopping experience, fostering a deep connection with our customers, and establishing ourselves as a staple in the Pinellas Park music scene.


VII. Operations Plan

Our Operations Plan details:

  1. The key day-to-day processes that our business performs to serve our customers
  2. The key business milestones that our company expects to accomplish as we grow


Key Operational Processes

To ensure the success of TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop, there are several key day-to-day operational processes that we will perform.

  • Inventory Management: We continuously update our inventory system to reflect new arrivals, sales, and special orders to ensure that our stock levels are accurate. This includes performing regular physical counts and reconciling these with our inventory management software.
  • Customer Service: We provide exceptional customer service by assisting customers in finding specific vinyl records, offering recommendations based on their preferences, and answering any queries they have about our products or services.
  • Order Processing: We efficiently process purchases, returns, and exchanges at our point-of-sale system, ensuring that all transactions are accurate and reflect in our financial records correctly.
  • Merchandising: We regularly update our store layout and displays to highlight new arrivals, best sellers, and promotional items, making it easy for customers to discover new music and ensuring that the store is visually appealing.
  • Supplier Relations and Stock Ordering: We maintain strong relationships with suppliers and record labels to ensure a steady supply of popular and niche vinyl records. We place orders for new stock timely to replenish sold-out items and to bring in new releases.
  • Marketing and Promotions: We execute marketing activities, including social media engagement, email newsletters, and local advertising, to attract new customers and retain existing ones. We also organize in-store events and promotions to increase foot traffic and sales.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: We ensure that the store, including the sales floor, listening stations, and restroom, is clean and well-maintained at all times, creating a welcoming environment for customers.
  • Financial Management: We perform daily financial tasks, including cash handling, deposit preparations, and reviewing sales reports, to monitor the store’s financial health and make informed business decisions.
  • Staff Training and Management: We conduct regular staff meetings and training sessions to keep our team informed about new products, store policies, and customer service best practices, ensuring that they can provide the best possible experience to our customers.
  • Community Engagement: We actively participate in community events and collaborate with local artists and businesses to build strong relationships within the community, enhancing our store’s reputation and customer base.


TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop expects to complete the following milestones in the coming months in order to ensure its success:

  • Securing a Prime Location: Find and secure a lease for a storefront in an area with high foot traffic and a strong community of vinyl enthusiasts within Pinellas Park, FL. This location should also provide enough space for inventory storage, customer browsing, and listening stations.
  • Obtaining Permits and Licenses: Complete all necessary paperwork to obtain the required permits and licenses to operate a retail business in Pinellas Park, FL. This includes business licenses, sales tax permits, and any other local regulations that apply to brick-and-mortar retail establishments.
  • Buildout and Design of the Store: Undertake the physical buildout of the store, including any necessary renovations, installation of shelving and display units, listening stations, and decoration that aligns with the brand identity of TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop. This phase should also ensure the store is compliant with all local regulations, including accessibility standards.
  • Inventory Acquisition: Curate and acquire a diverse and appealing inventory of vinyl records, including new releases, classic albums, and rare finds. Establish relationships with distributors, record labels, and individual collectors to ensure a steady supply of inventory that meets the tastes and demands of the target market.
  • Launching the Store: Officially open TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop for business. This includes a grand opening event that leverages local press, social media, and community engagement to generate buzz and attract customers. Implement initial marketing strategies to build brand awareness within Pinellas Park and the surrounding areas.
  • Establishing an Online Presence: Develop a professional website and establish a presence on relevant social media platforms. The website should include an e-commerce platform that allows customers to browse and purchase records online. Engage with customers on social media to build a community around the shop.
  • Community Engagement and Events: Host in-store events such as live performances, album release parties, and vinyl listening nights to build a community around the shop and attract regular customers. Partner with local businesses and artists to increase visibility and support within the local community.
  • Customer Feedback and Inventory Adjustment: Implement a system for collecting customer feedback and regularly review sales data to adjust inventory based on what is selling well and what is not. This responsive approach will help to refine product offerings to better meet customer demands.
  • Reaching $15,000/Month in Revenue: Implement and adjust marketing strategies, inventory mix, and in-store events based on performance data and customer feedback to steadily increase monthly sales, with the goal of reaching $15,000/month in revenue within the next 24 months.
  • Ongoing Review and Expansion Planning: Continuously review the shop’s financial performance, customer feedback, and market trends to identify opportunities for growth, such as expanding the physical store, increasing the range of products offered, or exploring additional revenue streams such as online sales, merchandise, or expanding to additional locations.


VIII. Management Team

Our management team has the experience and expertise to successfully execute on our business plan.

Management Team Members

TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop management team, which includes the following members, has the experience and expertise to successfully execute on our business plan:

Ezekiel Bailey, CEO

Ezekiel Bailey brings a rich history of entrepreneurial success to TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop, having previously established and run a successful record store. His deep understanding of the vinyl market, combined with an innate ability to identify and cater to niche markets, has positioned him as a leader capable of steering TimelessGrooves towards a prosperous future. Ezekiel’s passion for music, combined with his business acumen, ensures that the shop not only serves as a retail space but also as a hub for vinyl enthusiasts. His leadership is expected to drive the shop’s strategic direction, leveraging his past experiences to avoid pitfalls and capitalize on opportunities.


IX. Financial Plan


Below is an overview of our expected financial performance over the next five years:

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Revenues $2,225,980 $2,410,358 $2,610,008 $2,826,196 $3,060,290
Direct Expenses $550,209 $578,240 $607,698 $638,658 $671,194
Gross Profit $1,675,770 $1,832,118 $2,002,310 $2,187,538 $2,389,095
Gross Profit (%) 75.3% 76% 76.7% 77.4% 78.1%
Other Expenses $103,153 $106,282 $109,507 $112,829 $116,252
EBITDA $1,572,617 $1,725,835 $1,892,802 $2,074,708 $2,272,842
Depreciation $14,600 $14,600 $14,600 $14,600 $14,600
Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Interest Expense $14,050 $14,050 $14,050 $14,050 $14,050
Income Tax Expense $540,388 $594,014 $652,453 $716,120 $785,467
Net Income $1,003,578 $1,103,170 $1,211,699 $1,329,937 $1,458,725

Funding Requirements/Use of Funds

To accomplish our growth goals, TimelessGrooves Vinyl Shop needs $140,500 in funding. Key uses of this funding will be as follows:

Capital Investments
Location Buildout (Renovations) $50,000
Furniture $5,000
Equipment $10,000
Machines $5,000
Computers and Software $3,000
Non Capital Investments
Working Capital $20,000
Initial Rent/Lease (3 months) $9,000
Staff Salaries (First 3 months) $30,000
Initial Marketing and Advertising $5,000
Supplies $2,000
Insurance (First 3 months) $1,500

Financial Projections

financial projection record store business plan

5 Year Annual Income Statement

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Revenues $2,225,980 $2,410,358 $2,610,008 $2,826,196 $3,060,290
Total Revenues $2,225,980 $2,410,358 $2,610,008 $2,826,196 $3,060,290
Direct Costs
Direct Costs $550,209 $578,240 $607,698 $638,658 $671,194
Total Direct Costs $550,209 $578,240 $607,698 $638,658 $671,194
GROSS PROFIT $1,675,770 $1,832,118 $2,002,310 $2,187,538 $2,389,095
GROSS PROFIT % 75.3% 76% 76.7% 77.4% 78.1%
Other Expenses
Salaries $72,814 $75,023 $77,299 $79,644 $82,060
Marketing Expenses $6,067 $6,251 $6,441 $6,637 $6,838
Rent/Utility Expenses $6,067 $6,251 $6,441 $6,637 $6,838
Other Expenses $18,203 $18,755 $19,324 $19,911 $20,515
Total Other Expenses $103,153 $106,282 $109,507 $112,829 $116,252
EBITDA $1,572,617 $1,725,835 $1,892,802 $2,074,708 $2,272,842
Depreciation $14,600 $14,600 $14,600 $14,600 $14,600
Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
EBIT $1,558,017 $1,711,235 $1,878,202 $2,060,108 $2,258,242
Interest Expense $14,050 $14,050 $14,050 $14,050 $14,050
PRETAX INCOME $1,543,967 $1,697,185 $1,864,152 $2,046,058 $2,244,192
Net Operating Loss $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Use of Net Operating Loss $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Taxable Income $1,543,967 $1,697,185 $1,864,152 $2,046,058 $2,244,192
Income Tax Expense $540,388 $594,014 $652,453 $716,120 $785,467
NET INCOME $1,003,578 $1,103,170 $1,211,699 $1,329,937 $1,458,725
Net Profit Margin (%) 45.1% 45.8% 46.4% 47.1% 47.7%

5 Year Annual Balance Sheet

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Cash $950,010 $2,054,597 $3,266,532 $4,601,394 $5,917,708
Other Current Assets $191,070 $206,896 $224,033 $235,516 $255,024
Total Current Assets $1,141,080 $2,261,494 $3,490,565 $4,836,910 $6,172,732
Intangible Assets $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Acc Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Net Intangibles $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Fixed Assets $73,000 $73,000 $73,000 $73,000 $73,000
Accum Depreciation $14,600 $29,200 $43,800 $58,400 $73,000
Net fixed assets $58,400 $43,800 $29,200 $14,600 $0
Preliminary Exp $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
TOTAL ASSETS $1,199,480 $2,305,294 $3,519,765 $4,851,510 $6,172,732
Current Liabilities $55,401 $58,044 $60,817 $62,624 $65,620
Debt outstanding $140,500 $140,500 $140,500 $140,500 $0
Total Liabilities $195,901 $198,544 $201,317 $203,124 $65,620
Share Capital $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Retained earnings $1,003,578 $2,106,749 $3,318,448 $4,648,386 $6,107,111
Total Equity $1,003,578 $2,106,749 $3,318,448 $4,648,386 $6,107,111
TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY $1,199,480 $2,305,294 $3,519,765 $4,851,510 $6,172,732

5 Year Annual Cash Flow Statement

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Net Income (Loss) $1,003,578 $1,103,170 $1,211,699 $1,329,937 $1,458,725
Change in Working Capital ($135,668) ($13,183) ($14,364) ($9,675) ($16,511)
Plus Depreciation $14,600 $14,600 $14,600 $14,600 $14,600
Plus Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Net Cash Flow from Operations $882,510 $1,104,587 $1,211,934 $1,334,862 $1,456,814
Fixed Assets ($73,000) $0 $0 $0 $0
Intangible Assets $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Net Cash Flow from Investments ($73,000) $0 $0 $0 $0
Cash from Equity $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Cash from Debt financing $140,500 $0 $0 $0 ($140,500)
Net Cash Flow from Financing $140,500 $0 $0 $0 ($140,500)
Net Cash Flow $950,010 $1,104,587 $1,211,934 $1,334,862 $1,316,314
Cash at Beginning of Period $0 $950,010 $2,054,597 $3,266,532 $4,601,394
$950,010 $2,054,597 $3,266,532 $4,601,394 $5,917,708


What Is a Record Store Business Plan?

A record store business plan is a document that outlines the strategies you have developed to start and/or grow your record store business. Among other things, it details information about your industry, customers and competitors to help ensure your company is positioned properly to succeed. Your record store business plan also assesses how much funding you will need to grow your business and proves, via your financial forecasts, why the business is viable.

Why You Need a Business Plan for your Record Store Business

A business plan is required if you are seeking funding for your record store business. Investors and lenders will review your plan to ensure it meets their criteria before providing you with capital. In addition, a record store business plan helps you and your team stay focused. It documents the strategies you must follow and gives you financial projections you should strive to achieve and against which you can judge your performance.

Record Store Business Plan Template PDF

Download our Record Store Business Plan PDF to help guide you as you create your business plan for your own record store business.

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