Acupuncture Clinic Business Plan Template

acupuncture business plan template
Table of Contents
Table of Contents

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Acupuncture Clinic Business Plan Example

Below is our acupuncture clinic business plan template and sample plan:

I. Executive Summary

Company Overview

Welcome to ZenFlow Acupuncture, the newest sanctuary for holistic health in Albany, OR. Our mission is to provide exceptional acupuncture treatments and complementary services such as herbal medicine consultations and cupping therapy. With a strategic location in the heart of Albany, our clinic stands as an oasis of tranquility, dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of our community members. We offer a safe and serene environment, where clients can unwind and receive personalized care that addresses their unique health needs. Since opening our doors on January 5, 2024, we have been committed to filling the local gap in quality acupuncture services and are excited to be a part of our clients’ journey to optimal health.

Success Factors

Our confidence in leading the local acupuncture market is rooted in several key success factors. Our founder’s extensive experience in operating a successful acupuncture clinic serves as the cornerstone of our expertise. Our unwavering commitment to superior service quality positions us to excel in the competitive landscape. We’ve made significant strides as an S Corporation by developing a distinctive logo and company name that echoes our philosophy, as well as securing a prime clinic location that welcomes clients into an accessible and inviting space. We are poised for future growth, dedicated to delivering exceptional care and embracing the path ahead with enthusiasm.

Industry Analysis

The acupuncture clinic industry in the U.S. has grown steadily, with a reported annualized increase of 2.9% leading up to 2021 and a projected growth rate of 2.2% until 2026. The burgeoning market, now valued at $1.7 billion, is expected to expand to $1.9 billion, driven by an aging population, the demand for non-invasive treatments, and the integration of acupuncture in mainstream healthcare. Our clinic, ZenFlow Acupuncture in Albany, OR, aligns with the industry’s upward trend and consumer preference for holistic healing methods. We are poised to capitalize on industry collaborations and the rising inclination towards natural remedies to establish a strong foothold in the market.

Customer Analysis

At ZenFlow Acupuncture, we cater to local residents seeking alternative treatments for chronic pain, stress, and other health concerns. Our target audience comprises not only those familiar with holistic practices but also those referred by conventional medical practitioners. We focus on marketing to a health-conscious population, emphasizing acupuncture’s benefits for wellness and disease prevention. We also aim to serve well-informed customers who appreciate the balance of Eastern and Western medicinal philosophies, as well as athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to improve performance and recovery. Our services will be promoted through local sports clubs and gyms, addressing the comprehensive needs of sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Competitive Analysis

ZenFlow Acupuncture’s main competitors are Valley Health Acupuncture, known for personalized care and competitive pricing; Samaritan Heartspring Wellness Center, recognized for its holistic approach and association with a larger health network; and Albany Acupuncture Clinic, with a community-oriented focus and flexible pricing. Our competitive advantage lies in our dedication to providing high-quality, personalized care, a serene healing environment, and our team’s expertise in cutting-edge acupuncture techniques. By prioritizing continuous education and stringent safety protocols, we ensure our clients have access to the most advanced and effective care available.

Marketing Plan

Our services and pricing at ZenFlow Acupuncture include tailored treatments such as Acupuncture Treatment at $140, Herbal Medicine Consultation at $70, and Cupping Therapy at $30. We pride ourselves on offering personalized care that reflects our use of premium materials and expert service in a serene atmosphere. To promote our offerings, we implement a robust online marketing strategy with a search engine optimized website and active social media presence. We engage in community events, maintain a referral program, offer promotional discounts, and establish local partnerships. ZenFlow Acupuncture also utilizes traditional advertising to extend our reach. Our comprehensive marketing efforts position us as a distinguished acupuncture clinic in Albany, OR.

Operations Plan

ZenFlow Acupuncture’s operations revolve around efficient appointment scheduling, meticulous client intake and management, and rigorous treatment room preparation. We emphasize tailored acupuncture services, outstanding customer service, and thorough financial management. Inventory is managed proactively, and we continuously engage in marketing and professional development efforts. Compliance with regulations is stringent and up-to-date. Our operational milestones include securing an optimal clinic location, obtaining necessary permits, completing the clinic build-out, hiring qualified staff, launching with a grand opening, and implementing a successful marketing strategy. We aim to achieve a consistent client retention rate and reach a monthly revenue of $15,000 to support clinic sustainability and growth.

Management Team

Our CEO, Lucas Parker, leads ZenFlow Acupuncture with a wealth of experience in the wellness and alternative medicine sector. His previous success in managing an acupuncture clinic equips him to navigate the operations and strategic challenges of the industry. Lucas’s leadership and passion for holistic health drive our mission to uphold high service standards and foster innovation in acupuncture care.

Financial Plan

To achieve our growth objectives, ZenFlow Acupuncture requires $128,500 in funding. This investment will be allocated to capital improvements, such as clinic build-out and furnishings, as well as operational costs, including working capital, staff salaries, marketing initiatives, and insurance. These resources are critical to establishing our clinic’s infrastructure and ensuring a solid market entry.


Below is an overview of our expected financial performance over the next five years:

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Revenues $5,193,953 $5,624,169 $6,090,020 $6,594,458 $7,140,678
Direct Expenses $1,834,032 $1,927,467 $2,025,662 $2,128,861 $2,237,316
Gross Profit $3,359,921 $3,696,702 $4,064,357 $4,465,597 $4,903,361
Gross Profit (%) 64.7% 65.7% 66.7% 67.7% 68.7%
Other Expenses $103,153 $106,282 $109,507 $112,829 $116,252
EBITDA $3,256,768 $3,590,419 $3,954,850 $4,352,767 $4,787,108
Depreciation $12,600 $12,600 $12,600 $12,600 $12,600
Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Interest Expense $12,850 $12,850 $12,850 $12,850 $12,850
Income Tax Expense $1,130,961 $1,247,739 $1,375,290 $1,514,561 $1,666,580
Net Income $2,100,357 $2,317,230 $2,554,110 $2,812,756 $3,095,078


II. Company Overview

Welcome to ZenFlow Acupuncture, the newest acupuncture clinic based in Albany, OR. As a local acupuncture clinic, we aim to fill the gap in high-quality acupuncture services that has been present in our community. Understanding the importance of holistic health, we are here to provide our clients with a serene environment where they can receive effective treatments to enhance their well-being.

Our Products & Services

At ZenFlow Acupuncture, we are proud to offer a range of traditional Chinese medicine services to meet the needs of our clients. Our acupuncture treatment is priced at $140, which involves the careful insertion of needles to stimulate specific points on the body, promoting natural healing and improving functioning. For those seeking guidance on herbal remedies, our Herbal Medicine Consultation is available at $70, providing personalized recommendations for natural supplements. Additionally, we offer Cupping Therapy for $30, a technique that uses suction to encourage blood flow and relieve muscle tension and pain.


Centrally located in the heart of Albany, OR, ZenFlow Acupuncture is easily accessible to residents seeking quality acupuncture and holistic health services. Our clinic is designed to be a tranquil space where our customers can relax and receive treatments that support their health and lifestyle goals.

Why We Are Set to Succeed

ZenFlow Acupuncture is uniquely positioned for success for several reasons. Firstly, our founder brings valuable experience from operating a successful acupuncture clinic, ensuring that we have the know-how to deliver exceptional service. Secondly, we are committed to offering superior acupuncture services compared to our competition, focusing on the individual needs of each client to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our Journey So Far

Since our founding on January 5, 2024, ZenFlow Acupuncture has been established as an S Corporation. We’ve hit several milestones that we are extremely proud of. Our company identity has been solidified with a professionally designed logo that reflects our ethos. The development of our company name was a thoughtful process, ensuring that it resonates with our core values and services. Moreover, we’ve secured an excellent location that is both welcoming and strategically placed for our client’s convenience. These accomplishments are just the beginning, and we are excited about the journey ahead.


III. Industry Analysis

The Acupuncture Clinic industry in the United States is currently experiencing steady growth and is expected to continue expanding in the coming years. According to market research, the industry generated approximately $1.2 billion in revenue in 2020. This significant figure highlights the size and potential of the market, indicating a strong demand for acupuncture services across the nation. As people increasingly seek alternative and holistic healthcare approaches, acupuncture has emerged as a popular choice, driving the growth of the industry.

The market for acupuncture clinics is projected to witness substantial growth in the foreseeable future. Industry experts forecast that the market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6% from 2021 to 2028. This growth is attributed to various factors, including increasing acceptance and recognition of acupuncture as an effective treatment option, rising consumer awareness about its benefits, and a growing aging population seeking complementary therapies. These trends indicate a promising future for ZenFlow Acupuncture, a new acupuncture clinic serving customers in Albany, OR.

The Acupuncture Clinic industry is witnessing several trends that bode well for ZenFlow Acupuncture. One key trend is the growing integration of acupuncture services within mainstream healthcare settings, such as hospitals and wellness centers. This integration not only increases the visibility and acceptance of acupuncture but also opens up opportunities for collaboration and referrals. Additionally, the industry is experiencing a rise in the number of health insurance plans that cover acupuncture treatments, making it more accessible and affordable for a larger segment of the population. These trends indicate a favorable market environment for ZenFlow Acupuncture to establish its presence and attract a steady flow of customers in Albany, OR.


IV. Customer Analysis

Below is a description of our target customers and their core needs.

Target Customers

ZenFlow Acupuncture will target local residents looking for alternative therapies for pain management, stress relief, and overall wellness. This demographic is likely to include individuals seeking holistic treatments that complement or offer alternatives to conventional medicine. They will value the clinic’s approach to balancing the body’s energy and promoting natural healing processes.

The clinic will also cater to an aging population within Albany who are experiencing age-related ailments such as arthritis, muscle stiffness, and chronic pain. These customers will appreciate acupuncture’s potential to improve their quality of life without the side effects that often accompany traditional pharmaceuticals. ZenFlow Acupuncture will tailor its services to address the unique health challenges faced by this group.

Moreover, ZenFlow Acupuncture will target athletes and individuals leading active lifestyles, who are in need of treatments for sports injuries or who wish to enhance their physical performance and recovery. The clinic’s focus on reducing inflammation and promoting circulation will resonate with this customer segment. The use of acupuncture to improve mobility and decrease recovery time will be a compelling service for these customers.

Additionally, the clinic will extend its services to professionals experiencing work-related stress and postural issues due to long hours at a desk. ZenFlow Acupuncture will offer specialized treatments designed to alleviate tension headaches, back pain, and stress, recognizing the growing need for wellness solutions in a fast-paced work environment. This focus will fulfill a significant demand in the market for workplace wellness and preventive health measures.

Customer Needs

ZenFlow Acupuncture provides high-quality acupuncture services to residents who desire holistic healing and wellness solutions. By focusing on each client’s unique health concerns, the clinic ensures personalized treatment plans that can effectively address a wide range of physical and emotional ailments. Customers can expect to receive care that not only alleviates symptoms but also promotes long-term health and balance within the body.

Recognizing the growing demand for alternative therapies, ZenFlow Acupuncture also offers an integrative approach to healthcare. Customers have access to a blend of traditional Chinese medicine and contemporary techniques, which can enhance their overall experience and outcomes. The clinic’s serene environment and attentive staff create a restorative experience, catering to those seeking relief from the stresses of daily life.

Accessibility is another key need that ZenFlow Acupuncture meets by offering flexible scheduling and various payment options to accommodate different lifestyles and budgets. The clinic ensures that customers can easily obtain their treatments without compromising on quality or convenience. Additionally, ZenFlow Acupuncture stays abreast of the latest developments in acupuncture research to constantly improve the services offered and to educate clients on the benefits and practices of acupuncture.


V. Competitive Analysis

Direct Competitors

ZenFlow Acupuncture’s competitors include the following companies:

Valley Health Acupuncture: This clinic offers a range of traditional Chinese medicine services, including acupuncture, cupping, and herbal remedies. They cater to individuals seeking alternative treatments for pain management, stress relief, and chronic health conditions. Their price points are competitive within the local market, though specific figures are not publicly disclosed. Valley Health Acupuncture operates in a location that is easily accessible to residents of Albany and surrounding areas.

They target a diverse customer segment, including those interested in holistic health practices. Strengths of Valley Health Acupuncture lie in their experienced practitioners and a strong reputation for personalized care. However, their weaknesses may include a limited range of additional wellness services beyond acupuncture, which could limit their appeal to customers seeking a more integrative approach to health and wellness.

Samaritan Heartspring Wellness Center: As part of a larger healthcare organization, this center provides acupuncture as part of a broader spectrum of integrative medicine services. They serve patients who are looking for a comprehensive approach to healthcare that combines conventional and alternative therapies. Prices are on the higher end, reflecting the center’s inclusion of a wide array of health services and resources.

Samaritan Heartspring Wellness Center boasts high revenues due to its affiliation with the Samaritan health system and its ability to attract patients with insurance coverage. Located in multiple locations, including Albany, they have a significant geographical reach. Key strengths include a multidisciplinary team and the ability to provide coordinated care. A potential weakness could be less personalized attention due to the larger institutional setting.

Albany Acupuncture Clinic: This clinic specializes in acupuncture and related services such as moxibustion and tui na massage. It appeals to customers who value a focused approach to acupuncture treatment. Albany Acupuncture Clinic maintains competitive pricing, though specific details vary depending on the treatment plan.

The clinic has a single location in Albany, serving local residents and those from nearby communities. They boast a loyal customer base and are known for their experienced acupuncturists. A key strength is their dedication to traditional acupuncture techniques, which attracts purists of the practice. However, their narrow focus might be a weakness as it could deter potential clients interested in a broader range of holistic health services.

Competitive Advantages

At ZenFlow Acupuncture, we pride ourselves on delivering superior acupuncture services that surpass what our competitors offer. Our team of experienced and certified acupuncturists utilizes advanced techniques and a personalized approach to ensure each client receives the most effective treatment possible. We understand the unique needs of our clients and tailor our services to maximize health benefits and promote faster healing. Our commitment to continuing education means that we are always at the forefront of the latest developments in acupuncture and alternative medicine, enabling us to provide cutting-edge treatments that can enhance overall well-being and provide relief for a wide array of conditions.

Moreover, our clinic embraces a holistic philosophy that extends beyond the needles. We offer a tranquil and healing environment that supports our clients’ journeys to better health. Our comprehensive care model includes lifestyle and nutritional counseling, which complements our acupuncture treatments and empowers our clients to achieve sustainable health improvements. By fostering strong relationships with our clients, we ensure a level of trust and satisfaction that contributes to a loyal customer base and distinguishes us from other providers. Our dedication to exceptional service, combined with our innovative practices, positions us as a leader in the field of acupuncture in the Albany area.


VI. Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan, included below, details our products/services, pricing and promotions plan.

Products, Services & Pricing

ZenFlow Acupuncture provides a range of holistic health services aimed at promoting wellness and alleviating various health conditions. Their offerings encompass traditional Chinese Medicine techniques tailored to meet individual client needs.

Acupuncture Treatment

At the core of ZenFlow Acupuncture’s practice is their Acupuncture Treatment. This ancient technique involves the insertion of fine needles into specific points on the body to balance energy flow and stimulate healing. Clients can expect to pay an average of $140 for a session. This therapeutic method is beneficial for managing pain, reducing stress, and treating a variety of other health issues.

Herbal Medicine Consultation

In addition to needle therapy, ZenFlow Acupuncture offers Herbal Medicine Consultations. For an average price of $70, clients receive personalized advice on herbal supplements and remedies. These natural products are carefully selected to complement the acupuncture treatments and support the body’s healing processes. The consultation ensures that clients use the herbs effectively and safely.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy is another service provided by ZenFlow Acupuncture. This technique uses suction on certain points of the body to enhance circulation, relieve muscle tension, and promote cell repair. A session of Cupping Therapy is relatively brief and cost-effective, with an average price of $30. It can be an excellent adjunct to acupuncture or used on its own to provide relief from various physical ailments.

ZenFlow Acupuncture is dedicated to offering these services with the utmost care and professionalism. Their approach combines time-tested techniques with a modern understanding of health and wellness to ensure the best outcomes for their clients.

Promotions Plan

ZenFlow Acupuncture understands the importance of a strong promotional plan to attract customers and establish its presence in the Albany, OR, community. The clinic employs a variety of methods to ensure a comprehensive approach to marketing its services.

Online Marketing

The cornerstone of ZenFlow Acupuncture’s promotional efforts is robust online marketing. The clinic maintains a professional website that is optimized for search engines, ensuring high visibility when potential customers search for acupuncture services in Albany. The website includes detailed information about treatments offered, practitioner qualifications, testimonials, and a blog with helpful wellness tips and acupuncture knowledge.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are integral to ZenFlow Acupuncture’s promotional tactics. Regular posts, stories, and updates engage the community, showcasing success stories and the benefits of acupuncture. The clinic also leverages targeted ads on these platforms to reach individuals interested in alternative medicine and wellness services.

Email marketing is another component of the online strategy. ZenFlow Acupuncture collects email addresses through their website and in-person interactions, sending out newsletters, special promotions, and educational content to keep the clinic top-of-mind for current and prospective clients.

Community Engagement

ZenFlow Acupuncture firmly believes in the power of community engagement. The clinic partners with local businesses and wellness centers to offer workshops and seminars on the benefits of acupuncture. These events serve as a platform for direct interaction with the community and help to establish the clinic as a trusted local health resource.

Referral Program

To encourage word-of-mouth promotion, ZenFlow Acupuncture implements a referral program. Satisfied clients who refer new customers receive discounts on future services, incentivizing them to share their positive experiences with friends and family.

Promotions and Discounts

Introductory offers for new clients, such as discounted first sessions or package deals, are effective in attracting first-time visitors to ZenFlow Acupuncture. Seasonal promotions aligned with health and wellness trends also attract customers seeking to enhance their lifestyle at various times of the year.

Local Partnerships

ZenFlow Acupuncture cultivates relationships with local healthcare providers, fitness centers, and complementary therapy practitioners. These partnerships lead to mutual referrals, expanding the clinic’s reach within the health and wellness community.

Traditional Advertising

While digital marketing is a focus, ZenFlow Acupuncture also utilizes traditional forms of advertising, such as local newspapers, radio spots, and community bulletin boards. These methods help to capture the attention of potential clients who may not be as active online.

ZenFlow Acupuncture’s multi-faceted promotional approach ensures a broad reach to attract customers from all walks of life, positioning the clinic as a leading provider of acupuncture services in Albany, OR.


VII. Operations Plan

Our Operations Plan details:

  1. The key day-to-day processes that our business performs to serve our customers
  2. The key business milestones that our company expects to accomplish as we grow


Key Operational Processes

To ensure the success of ZenFlow Acupuncture, there are several key day-to-day operational processes that we will perform:

  • Appointment Scheduling: We manage and confirm daily appointment schedules using an efficient booking system that can accommodate both online and phone reservations.
  • Client Intake and Record-Keeping: We conduct thorough intake assessments for new clients and maintain confidential and up-to-date medical records for all clients.
  • Treatment Room Preparation: We ensure that treatment rooms are clean, organized, and properly set up with necessary supplies before each client session.
  • Acupuncture Services: We provide personalized acupuncture treatments based on each client’s health concerns and wellness goals.
  • Payment Processing: We facilitate smooth payment transactions and provide clear invoices and receipts for clients.
  • Inventory Management: We regularly check and restock acupuncture supplies and any retail products offered.
  • Client Follow-up: We engage in post-treatment follow-up communications to assess client satisfaction and encourage return visits.
  • Sanitation Protocols: We adhere to strict sanitation protocols to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for both clients and staff.
  • Staff Training and Development: We invest in ongoing training and professional development opportunities to ensure our practitioners stay current with acupuncture techniques and industry standards.
  • Marketing and Outreach: We execute targeted marketing strategies to attract new clients and retain existing ones, including managing social media presence and local outreach efforts.
  • Financial Management: We monitor daily financial transactions, budgeting, and accounting to maintain the clinic’s fiscal health.
  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations: We stay informed about and comply with all healthcare regulations, licensing requirements, and professional standards relevant to acupuncture practice.
  • Quality Improvement: We regularly review and assess our operational processes to identify areas for improvement and implement changes as necessary.


  • ZenFlow Acupuncture expects to complete the following milestones in the coming months in order to ensure its success:
  • Secure a suitable location within Albany, OR, that is accessible and has a calming environment conducive to the services offered.
  • Obtain all necessary permits and licenses required for operating an acupuncture clinic, ensuring compliance with local regulations and healthcare standards.
  • Complete the build-out of the clinic with appropriate treatment rooms, waiting area, and administrative spaces, while ensuring the design aligns with the therapeutic ambiance of an acupuncture clinic.
  • Hire and train certified and experienced acupuncturists, as well as administrative and support staff, to provide high-quality service and customer care.
  • Launch ZenFlow Acupuncture with a grand opening event to generate awareness and interest in the local community, potentially partnering with other local businesses for cross-promotion.
  • Implement a comprehensive marketing strategy, including digital marketing and community engagement activities, to attract and retain clients.
  • Establish a referral program and partnerships with local healthcare providers to expand our customer base through trusted recommendations.
  • Develop and integrate a user-friendly appointment booking and management system to ensure a smooth customer experience and efficient clinic operations.
  • Reach a consistent client retention rate that demonstrates customer satisfaction and a strong reputation in the community.
  • Achieve $15,000/month in revenue to ensure the clinic’s financial sustainability and enable reinvestment into further growth and development.


VIII. Management Team

Our management team has the experience and expertise to successfully execute on our business plan.

Management Team Members

ZenFlow Acupuncture management team, which includes the following members, has the experience and expertise to successfully execute on our business plan:

Lucas Parker, CEO

Lucas Parker brings a wealth of industry knowledge and leadership to ZenFlow Acupuncture as its CEO. With a proven track record in the field of acupuncture, Lucas has previously demonstrated his capability by successfully running an acupuncture clinic. His experience in this specialized sector is pivotal for ZenFlow Acupuncture’s strategic direction and growth. Lucas’s business acumen, coupled with his deep understanding of both traditional Chinese medicine and contemporary business practices, positions him exceptionally well to lead the company towards achieving lasting success. His expertise in clinic operations, patient care, and holistic health solutions are central to ZenFlow’s mission of providing outstanding acupuncture services.

Emily Chen, Director of Marketing

Emily Chen is the Director of Marketing at ZenFlow Acupuncture. With a degree in Marketing and a minor in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, Emily brings a unique blend of market insights and consumer behavior understanding to the team. She has over a decade of experience in healthcare marketing, with a focus on integrative medicine practices. Emily’s innovative marketing strategies and campaigns have significantly increased patient acquisition and retention in her previous roles. Her expertise in digital marketing and public relations is indispensable for ZenFlow’s visibility and brand recognition, ensuring that the benefits of acupuncture reach a wider audience.

David Kim, Chief Financial Officer

David Kim serves as the Chief Financial Officer for ZenFlow Acupuncture. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and has over 15 years of experience in financial management within the healthcare industry. David’s strong background in accounting, financial planning, and investment strategies ensures ZenFlow’s financial health and sustainability. His meticulous approach to fiscal oversight and risk management has been instrumental in guiding previous companies through periods of significant growth and market expansion. David’s strategic financial leadership is crucial for ZenFlow Acupuncture as it seeks to expand its services and establish a robust economic foundation.


IX. Financial Plan


Below is an overview of our expected financial performance over the next five years:

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Revenues $5,193,953 $5,624,169 $6,090,020 $6,594,458 $7,140,678
Direct Expenses $1,834,032 $1,927,467 $2,025,662 $2,128,861 $2,237,316
Gross Profit $3,359,921 $3,696,702 $4,064,357 $4,465,597 $4,903,361
Gross Profit (%) 64.7% 65.7% 66.7% 67.7% 68.7%
Other Expenses $103,153 $106,282 $109,507 $112,829 $116,252
EBITDA $3,256,768 $3,590,419 $3,954,850 $4,352,767 $4,787,108
Depreciation $12,600 $12,600 $12,600 $12,600 $12,600
Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Interest Expense $12,850 $12,850 $12,850 $12,850 $12,850
Income Tax Expense $1,130,961 $1,247,739 $1,375,290 $1,514,561 $1,666,580
Net Income $2,100,357 $2,317,230 $2,554,110 $2,812,756 $3,095,078

Funding Requirements/Use of Funds

To accomplish our growth goals, ZenFlow Acupuncture needs $128,500 in funding. Key uses of this funding will be as follows:

Capital Investments
Location Buildout $50,000
Furniture $10,000
Computers and Software $3,000
Non Capital Investments
Working Capital $30,000
Initial Rent/Lease (3 months) $6,000
Staff Salaries (First 3 months) $20,000
Initial Marketing and Advertising $5,000
Supplies $2,000
Insurance $2,500

Financial Projections

financial projection accupuncture clinic business plan

5 Year Annual Income Statement

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Revenues $5,193,953 $5,624,169 $6,090,020 $6,594,458 $7,140,678
Total Revenues $5,193,953 $5,624,169 $6,090,020 $6,594,458 $7,140,678
Direct Costs
Direct Costs $1,834,032 $1,927,467 $2,025,662 $2,128,861 $2,237,316
Total Direct Costs $1,834,032 $1,927,467 $2,025,662 $2,128,861 $2,237,316
GROSS PROFIT $3,359,921 $3,696,702 $4,064,357 $4,465,597 $4,903,361
GROSS PROFIT % 64.7% 65.7% 66.7% 67.7% 68.7%
Other Expenses
Salaries $72,814 $75,023 $77,299 $79,644 $82,060
Marketing Expenses $6,067 $6,251 $6,441 $6,637 $6,838
Rent/Utility Expenses $6,067 $6,251 $6,441 $6,637 $6,838
Other Expenses $18,203 $18,755 $19,324 $19,911 $20,515
Total Other Expenses $103,153 $106,282 $109,507 $112,829 $116,252
EBITDA $3,256,768 $3,590,419 $3,954,850 $4,352,767 $4,787,108
Depreciation $12,600 $12,600 $12,600 $12,600 $12,600
Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
EBIT $3,244,168 $3,577,819 $3,942,250 $4,340,167 $4,774,508
Interest Expense $12,850 $12,850 $12,850 $12,850 $12,850
PRETAX INCOME $3,231,318 $3,564,969 $3,929,400 $4,327,317 $4,761,658
Net Operating Loss $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Use of Net Operating Loss $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Taxable Income $3,231,318 $3,564,969 $3,929,400 $4,327,317 $4,761,658
Income Tax Expense $1,130,961 $1,247,739 $1,375,290 $1,514,561 $1,666,580
NET INCOME $2,100,357 $2,317,230 $2,554,110 $2,812,756 $3,095,078
Net Profit Margin (%) 40.4% 41.2% 41.9% 42.7% 43.3%

5 Year Annual Balance Sheet

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Cash $1,897,015 $4,198,112 $6,733,444 $9,537,623 $12,480,606
Other Current Assets $445,830 $482,758 $522,745 $549,538 $595,056
Total Current Assets $2,342,845 $4,680,871 $7,256,189 $10,087,161 $13,075,663
Intangible Assets $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Acc Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Net Intangibles $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Fixed Assets $63,000 $63,000 $63,000 $63,000 $63,000
Accum Depreciation $12,600 $25,200 $37,800 $50,400 $63,000
Net fixed assets $50,400 $37,800 $25,200 $12,600 $0
Preliminary Exp $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
TOTAL ASSETS $2,393,245 $4,718,671 $7,281,389 $10,099,761 $13,075,663
Current Liabilities $164,388 $172,583 $181,191 $186,807 $196,130
Debt outstanding $128,500 $128,500 $128,500 $128,500 $0
Total Liabilities $292,888 $301,083 $309,691 $315,307 $196,130
Share Capital $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Retained earnings $2,100,357 $4,417,587 $6,971,697 $9,784,454 $12,879,532
Total Equity $2,100,357 $4,417,587 $6,971,697 $9,784,454 $12,879,532
TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY $2,393,245 $4,718,671 $7,281,389 $10,099,761 $13,075,663

5 Year Annual Cash Flow Statement

FY 1 FY 2 FY 3 FY 4 FY 5
Net Income (Loss) $2,100,357 $2,317,230 $2,554,110 $2,812,756 $3,095,078
Change in Working Capital ($281,441) ($28,732) ($31,379) ($21,176) ($36,195)
Plus Depreciation $12,600 $12,600 $12,600 $12,600 $12,600
Plus Amortization $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Net Cash Flow from Operations $1,831,515 $2,301,097 $2,535,331 $2,804,179 $3,071,483
Fixed Assets ($63,000) $0 $0 $0 $0
Intangible Assets $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Net Cash Flow from Investments ($63,000) $0 $0 $0 $0
Cash from Equity $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Cash from Debt financing $128,500 $0 $0 $0 ($128,500)
Net Cash Flow from Financing $128,500 $0 $0 $0 ($128,500)
Net Cash Flow $1,897,015 $2,301,097 $2,535,331 $2,804,179 $2,942,983
Cash at Beginning of Period $0 $1,897,015 $4,198,112 $6,733,444 $9,537,623
$1,897,015 $4,198,112 $6,733,444 $9,537,623 $12,480,606


What Is an Acupuncture Clinic Business Plan?

An acupuncture clinic business plan is a document that outlines the strategies you have developed to start and/or grow your acupuncture clinic. Among other things, it details information about your industry, customers and competitors to help ensure your company is positioned properly to succeed. Your acupuncture clinic business plan also assesses how much funding you will need to grow your business and proves, via your financial forecasts, why the business is viable.

Why You Need a Business Plan for your Acupuncture Clinic Business

A business plan is required if you are seeking funding for your acupuncture clinic. Investors and lenders will review your plan to ensure it meets their criteria before providing you with capital. In addition, an acupuncture clinic business plan helps you and your team stay focused. It documents the strategies you must follow and gives you financial projections you should strive to achieve and against which you can judge your performance.

Acupuncture Clinic Business Plan Template PDF

Download our Acupuncture Clinic Business Plan PDF to help guide you as you create your business plan for your own acupuncture clinic.

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