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function accordion() {
	const items = document.querySelectorAll('.accordion-item')
	const triggers = document.querySelectorAll('.accordion-trigger')
	const contents = document.querySelectorAll('.accordion-content')

	triggers.forEach((trigger, idx) => {
		if (items[0].classList.contains('active')) {
		trigger.addEventListener('click', () => {
			const parent = trigger.parentNode

			if (!parent.classList.contains('active')) {
				// If you want only one to be open at a time, and others to close - UNCOMMENT the code below.
				// Если нужно что бы открывался ТОЛЬКО один, а остальные закрывались - РАСКОММЕНТИРУЙ код ниже

				// items.forEach((item, i) => {
				// 	if (i !== idx && item.classList.contains('active')) {
				// 		slideUp(contents[i])
				// 		item.classList.remove('active')
				// 	}
				// })

				// Open the current accordion item
				// Открыть текущий пункт аккордеона
			} else {
				// Close the current accordion item
				// Закрыть текущий пункт аккордеона
/* SLIDE UP */
let slideUp = (target, duration = 300) => { = 'height, margin, padding' = duration + 'ms' = 'border-box' = target.offsetHeight + 'px'
	target.offsetHeight = 'hidden' = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 'none'

	window.setTimeout(() => { = 'none''height')'padding-top')'padding-bottom')'margin-top')'margin-bottom')'overflow')'transition-duration')'transition-property')'border')
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let slideDown = (target, duration = 300) => {'display')
	let display = window.getComputedStyle(target).display
	if (display === 'none') display = 'grid' = display
	let height = target.offsetHeight = 'hidden' = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0 = 0
	target.offsetHeight = 'border-box' = 'height, margin, padding' = duration + 'ms' = height + 'px' = 'none''padding-top')'padding-bottom')'margin-top')'margin-bottom')'border')

	window.setTimeout(() => {'height')'overflow')'transition-duration')'transition-property')'border')
	}, duration)
if (document.querySelectorAll('.accordion')) {

// Swiper Testimonials
if (document.querySelector('.swiper-testimonaials')) {
	new Swiper('.swiper-testimonaials', {
		// Responsive breakpoints
		breakpoints: {
			320: {
				slidesPerView: 1,
				spaceBetween: 20,
			640: {
				slidesPerView: 2,
				spaceBetween: 40,
			1040: {
				slidesPerView: 3,
				spaceBetween: 40,

	new Swiper('.swiper-testimonaials-2', {
		// Responsive breakpoints
		breakpoints: {
			320: {
				slidesPerView: 1,
				spaceBetween: 20,
			640: {
				slidesPerView: 2,
				spaceBetween: 40,
			1040: {
				slidesPerView: 3,
				spaceBetween: 40,

	new Swiper('.swiper-testimonaials-3', {
		// Responsive breakpoints
		breakpoints: {
			320: {
				slidesPerView: 1,
				spaceBetween: 20,
			640: {
				slidesPerView: 2,
				spaceBetween: 40,
			1040: {
				slidesPerView: 3,
				spaceBetween: 40,

// Animate Number on scroll
function animateNumber(id, target, duration) {
	const start =
		parseFloat(document.getElementById(id).innerText.replace(/,/g, '')) || 0
	const increment = (target - start) / (duration / 16)
	let current = start
	const interval = setInterval(function () {
		current += increment
		const formattedNumber = formatNumber(current, id === 'num-2')
		document.getElementById(id).innerText = formattedNumber
		if (Math.abs(current - target) < Math.abs(increment)) {
			document.getElementById(id).innerText = formatNumber(
				id === 'num-2'
	}, 16)
function formatNumber(number, showDecimals = true) {
	const [wholePart, decimalPart] = number
		.toFixed(showDecimals ? 2 : 0)
	const wholeFormatted = wholePart.replace(/\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, ',')
	return showDecimals ? `${wholeFormatted}.${decimalPart}` : wholeFormatted
// Play animation on scroll
const observer = new IntersectionObserver((entries) => {
	entries.forEach((entry) => {
		if (
			entry.isIntersecting &&'section-stats')
		) {
			// animateNumber('num-1', 2318, 1500, true)
			// animateNumber('num-2', 4.97, 1500, false)

			// Запуск анимации для числа от 0 до 2318 с запятой
			animateNumber('num-1', 2318, 2000)

			// Запуск анимации для числа от 0 до 4.97 с точкой
			animateNumber('num-2', 4.97, 1500)
document.querySelectorAll('.section').forEach((section) => {

// Toggle form steps and sumbitting
function toggleFormSteps() {
	let currentStep = 0

	const steps = document.querySelectorAll('.form-step')
	const stepsBtns = document.querySelectorAll('.step-btn')
	const stepsNavItems = document.querySelectorAll('.step-nav')
	const submitBtn = document.getElementById('step-5-submit-btn')
	const backBtn = document.getElementById('back-btn')

	backBtn.addEventListener('click', () => {
		if (currentStep === 1) {

		steps.forEach((step) => {

		stepsNavItems[currentStep + 1].classList.remove('active')

	stepsBtns.forEach((btn) => {
		if (!btn) return null
		btn.addEventListener('click', (e) => {
			steps.forEach((step) => {

			if (currentStep >= 1) {
			} else {

	submitBtn.addEventListener('click', (e) => {

// Toggle Search List
function toggleAutocompleteList(inputId, listId, paramsResultId) {
	const input = document.getElementById(inputId)
	const list = document.getElementById(listId)
	const searchListParams = document.getElementById(paramsResultId)

	searchListParams.addEventListener('click', (e) => {
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	input.addEventListener('input', (e) => {
		const value =
		searchListParams.innerText = value
		if (value.length >= 1) {
		} else {

	window.addEventListener('click', (e) => {
		if ( !== 'bussiness-country-list') {

function validateForm() {
	const inputs = document.querySelectorAll('.validate-input')
	const buttons = document.querySelectorAll('.validate-button')

	inputs.forEach((input, i) => {
		input.addEventListener('input', (e) => {
			if ( <= 0) {
				buttons[i].disabled = true
			} else {
				buttons[i].disabled = false

// Jobs
const businessIdeas = [
	'3D Printing',
	'Accounting Firm',
	'Acting Classes',
	'Acupuncture Clinic',
	'Adult Foster Care',
	'Advertising Agency',
	'Aerial Arts Studio',
	'Aerial Sports Instruction',
	'Affiliate Marketing',
	'Air Duct Cleaning',
	'Airport Shuttle',
	'Airsoft Field',
	'Algae Farm',
	'Alternative Health Care Center',
	'Amazon Drop Shipping/FBA',
	'Amusement Park',
	'Angel investment Firm',
	'Animal Husbandry',
	'Animal Rescue',
	'Antique Restoration',
	'Antique Store',
	'App Development',
	'Archery Range',
	'Architecture Firm',
	'Art Consulting',
	'Art Gallery',
	'Art Lessons',
	'Art Restoration',
	'Art Supply Store',
	'Asian Grocery Store',
	'Assisted Living Facility',
	'Authority Website',
	'Auto Repair',
	'Axe-Throwing Party/Venue',
	'Baby Food',
	'Baby Store',
	'Back Office Support',
	'Bagel Shop',
	'Bait & Tackle Shop',
	'Balloon Distribution',
	'Ballroom Dance Lessons',
	'Bamboo Farm',
	'Barber Shop',
	'Barrel Making',
	'Baseball Hitting Coach',
	'Basement Remodeling',
	'Basket Weaving',
	'Bath Products',
	'Batting Cage',
	'Bead Store',
	'Beard Products',
	'Beauty Salon',
	'Beauty Supply Store',
	'Bed & Breakfast (B&B)',
	'Beer Garden',
	'Berry Picking Farm',
	'Bicycle Delivery',
	'Big & Tall Store',
	'Bike Rental',
	'Bike Repair',
	'Bike Shop',
	'Bike Tour',
	'Billboard Advertising',
	'Billiards Hall',
	'Bitcoin Mining',
	'Blockchain Services',
	'Board Game',
	'Board Game Cafe/Lounge',
	'Boat and RV Storage',
	'Boat Cleaning Service',
	'Boat Winterization',
	'Body Piercing Shop',
	'Body Waxing Salon',
	'Body Wrap Spa',
	'Bonsai Tree',
	'Botanical Garden',
	'Bottled Water',
	'Bounty Hunter',
	'Boutique Gym',
	'Boutique Tour',
	'Bowling Alley',
	'Box Truck',
	'Boxing Club',
	'Branding Agency',
	'Bread Bakery',
	'Bridal Shop',
	'Bubble Tea',
	'Buffet Restaurant',
	'Burial at Sea Service',
	'Bus Tour',
	'Business Consulting Firm',
	'Business Travel Consultancy',
	'Butcher Shop',
	'Cabinet Making',
	'Call Center',
	'Camper Rental',
	'Camping Retreat',
	'Camping Supply Store',
	'Candle Making',
	'Candy Store',
	'Cannabis Beauty Products',
	'Cannabis Cultivation',
	'Canoe & Kayak Rental',
	'Car Dealership',
	'Car Detailing',
	'Car Rental',
	'Car Repair Shop',
	'Car Wash',
	'Car Window Repair',
	'Carbon Offsetting',
	'Career Coach',
	'Carnival Ride',
	'Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning',
	'Carpet Installation',
	'Carpet Store',
	'Carryout Restaurant',
	'Cartoon Service',
	'Casting Agency',
	'Cat Cafe',
	'Cattle Ranch',
	'Cave Tours',
	'CBD Oil',
	'Cell Phone Repair',
	'Challenge Course',
	'Charter School',
	'Chatbox Developer',
	'Cheese Shop',
	'Child Care',
	"Children's Book",
	'Chimney Sweep',
	'Chiropractor/Chiropractor Clinic',
	'Christmas Lights Installation',
	'Christmas Tree Farm',
	'Cider Mill',
	'Cigar Shop',
	'Clean Tech',
	'Cleaning Service',
	'Clock Repair',
	'Clothing Boutique',
	'Clothing Line',
	'Clothing Store',
	'Cloud Consulting',
	'CNC Machining',
	'Coffee Roasting',
	'Coffee Shop',
	'College Planning',
	'Comedy Club',
	'Comic Book Store',
	'Commercial Aviary',
	'Commercial Cleaning',
	'Commercial Cultivation',
	'Commercial Photography',
	'Community Garden',
	'Computer Repair',
	'Computer Training',
	'Concierge Services',
	'Consignment Store',
	'Construction Contractor',
	'Content Marketing Agency',
	'Contract Customer Service',
	'Contract Negotiation Service',
	'Convenience Store',
	'Corporate Immigration Consulting',
	'Corporate Retreat Center',
	'Costume Rental',
	'Counseling Center',
	'Counseling Private Practice',
	'Coworking Space',
	'Craft Store',
	'Crafting Activity Site',
	'Creative Agency',
	'Credit Repair Agency',
	'CrossFit Gym',
	'Crowdfunding Consulting',
	'Cruise Line',
	'Currency Trading',
	'Custom Car Shop',
	'Custom Doll',
	'Custom Engraving',
	'Custom Phone Case',
	'Custom Playsets',
	'Custom Portrait',
	'Custom Prints',
	'Custom Treehouse',
	'Customer Service Consulting',
	'Dairy Farm',
	'Dance Studio',
	'Data Entry',
	'Dating Service',
	'Day Care/Daycare',
	'Day Spa',
	'Debt Collection Agency',
	'Deck Building',
	'Delivery Service',
	'Dent Removal Service',
	'Dental Office',
	'Diesel Performance Shop',
	'Dinner Theatre',
	'Dog Breeding',
	'Dog Daycare',
	'Dog Grooming',
	'Dog Kennel',
	'Dog Sledding',
	'Dog Training',
	'Dog Walking',
	'Dollar Store',
	'Domain Registration',
	'Donut Shop',
	'Doula Service',
	'Drive-In Movie Theater',
	'Driving Range',
	'Driving School',
	'Drone Photography',
	'Drone Repair',
	'Drone Security',
	'Drop Shipping',
	'Dry Cleaning',
	'Duckpin Bowling Alley',
	'Ebook Store',
	'Ecommerce Distribution',
	'Ecommerce Store/Website',
	'Educational Toy Store',
	'Elderly Care/Daycare',
	'Electric Vehicle Conversion',
	'Electrician/Electrical Contractor',
	'Electronics Repair',
	'Elevator Installation & Repair Service',
	'Emission Testing',
	'Energy Consulting',
	'Energy Drink',
	'Equine Therapy',
	'Errand Service',
	'Escape Room',
	'Escrow Service',
	'ESL School',
	'Espresso Cart',
	'Estate Sale',
	'Etiquette Training',
	'Etsy Store',
	'Event Planning',
	'Event Venue',
	'Exercise Clothing Store',
	'Expert Witness Service',
	'Fact Checking',
	'Family Counseling Practice',
	'Family Style Restaurant',
	'Farmers Market',
	'Fashion Consulting',
	'Fashion Photography',
	'Fashion Store',
	'Fast Food Restaurant',
	'Film Production',
	'Financial Advisor/Planning Firm',
	'Financial Consulting Firm',
	'Fine Dining Restaurant',
	'Fireworks Tent',
	'First Aid Training',
	'Fish Farm',
	'Fishing Charter',
	'Fitness Apparel',
	'Flavor Company',
	'Flavored Water Bottle',
	'Flea Market',
	'Flight School',
	'Floor Installation',
	'Flower Shop',
	'Food Delivery',
	'Food Kiosk',
	'Food Truck',
	'Football Bowling',
	'Foreign Language Instruction',
	'Formal Wear Rental',
	'Freelance Writing',
	'Freight Broker',
	'Frozen Yogurt',
	'Fruit Market',
	'Fundraising Consulting',
	'Funeral Home',
	'Furniture Store',
	'Furniture Upcycling',
	'Fusion Restaurant',
	'Game Center',
	'Game Truck',
	'Garage Door Installation & Repair',
	'Gardening Class',
	'Gas Station',
	'Gem Sales',
	'General Gardener',
	'General Home Repair',
	'Gift Basket',
	'Gift Shop',
	'Gift Wrapping',
	'Glass Blowing',
	'Glass Bottom Boat Tour',
	'Glasses Store',
	'Go Kart',
	'Golf Course',
	'Golf Instruction',
	'Gourmet Popcorn Shop',
	'Graffiti Removal',
	'Grant Writing',
	'Graphic Design',
	'Green Beauty Products',
	'Green Cleaning Products',
	'Green Consulting',
	'Green Energy',
	'Greeting Card',
	'Grocery Delivery',
	'Grocery Store',
	'Guard Dog',
	'Gutter Cleaning',
	'Gymnastics Classes',
	'Hair Extensions',
	'Hair Salon',
	'Halloween Costume Shop',
	'Hand Sanitizer',
	'Hardware Store',
	'Haunted Attraction',
	'Health & Safety Consulting',
	'Health Coaching',
	'Health Food Store',
	'Healthy Fast Food Restaurant',
	'Helicopter Tour',
	'Hemp Clothing Store',
	'Hemp Farm',
	'Herb Farm',
	'Hiking Tour',
	'Holding Company',
	'Holiday Decorator',
	'Holiday Store',
	'Home Automation',
	'Home Decorator',
	'Home Health Care',
	'Home Health Medical Supply Store',
	'Home Inspection',
	'Home Rental',
	'Home Security',
	'Home Staging',
	'Home Theater Installation',
	'Home Tutoring',
	'Homemade Popcorn',
	'Homeschooling Products & Services',
	'Hookah Lounge',
	'Horse Boarding',
	'Horseback Riding Lessons',
	'Horticultural Therapy',
	'Hot Dog Cart/Stand',
	'Hot Sauce',
	'Hotshot Trucking',
	'House Flipping',
	'House Painting',
	'House Sitting',
	'HR Consulting',
	'Human Resources Consulting Firm',
	'Hydroponics Farm',
	'Hydroponics Store',
	'Ice Cream Shop/Parlor',
	'Ice Cream Truck',
	'Ice Sculpture',
	'Ice Skating Rink',
	'Import & Export',
	'Indian Grocery Store',
	'Indoor Playground',
	'Indoor Trampoline Park',
	'Inflatable Bounce House',
	'Instagram Consulting',
	'Insurance Agency',
	'Interior Design',
	'International Food Store',
	'International Trade Consulting',
	'Internet Security',
	'Investment Company',
	'Italian Ice',
	'Japanese Steakhouse',
	'Jewelry Designing',
	'Jewelry Store',
	'Juice Bar',
	'Junk Removal',
	'Karaoke Bar',
	'Kitchen & Bath Store',
	'Kitchen Supplies Store',
	'Lamaze Classes',
	'Land Surveying',
	'Landscape Design',
	'Landscape Supply',
	'Laser Cutting',
	'Laser Tag',
	'Laundry & Dry Cleaning',
	'Laundry Delivery Service',
	'Law Firm',
	'Lawn Care',
	'Legal Consulting Firm',
	'Lemonade Stand',
	'Life Coaching',
	'Life Insurance Brokerage',
	'Liquor Store',
	'Literary Agency',
	'Litter Removal',
	'Live Streaming',
	'Loan Officer',
	'Lobster Fishing',
	'Local Consulting Firm',
	'Lumber Yard',
	'Makeup Artist',
	'Management Consulting',
	'Marine Construction',
	'Market Research Firm',
	'Marketing Agency',
	'Marketplace Website',
	'Martial Arts Studio',
	'Martini Bar',
	'Massage Therapy',
	'Medical Billing',
	'Medical Claims Evaluation',
	'Medical Marijuana Dispensary',
	'Medical Practice',
	'Medical Spa',
	'Medical Taxi',
	'Medicinal Herbs',
	'Meditation Lessons',
	'Meditation Studio',
	'Metal Recycling',
	'Mexican Grocery Store',
	'Micro Farm',
	'Military Surplus Store',
	'Miniature Golf Course',
	'Mobile App Development',
	'Mobile Bartending Service',
	'Mobile Coffee Cart',
	'Mobile DJ',
	'Mobile Dog Grooming',
	'Mobile Makeup',
	'Mobile MRI',
	'Mobile Oil Change',
	'Mobile Rock Climbing Wall',
	'Mobile Vet',
	'Modeling Agency',
	'Mortgage Brokerage',
	'Motorcycle Shop',
	'Movie Theater',
	'Moving Company',
	'Mural Painting',
	'Museum Consulting',
	'Mushroom Farm',
	'Music Lessons',
	'Musical Instrument Repair',
	'Musical Instrument Store',
	'Mystery Shopper',
	'Nail Salon',
	'Nanny Referral Agency',
	'News Website',
	'Niche Website',
	'Ninja Warrior Gym',
	'Non Medical Home Care',
	'Novelty Store',
	'Nursing Home',
	'Office Supply Store',
	'Oil Change',
	'Olive Oil Store',
	'Online Courses',
	'Online Dating Consulting',
	'Online Job Board',
	'Online Magazine',
	'Online Pharmacy',
	'Online T-Shirt',
	'Organic Hygiene Products',
	'Outdoor Adventure',
	'Outdoor Store',
	'Packaging Design',
	'Paintball Field',
	'Paper Recycling',
	'Parking Lot',
	'Party Bus',
	'Party Rental',
	'Party Supply Store',
	'Pawn Shop',
	'Personal Chef',
	'Personal Concierge',
	'Personal Shopper Service',
	'Personal Styling',
	'Personal Training',
	'Pest Control Service',
	'Pet Bakery',
	'Pet Cemetery',
	'Pet Clothing Store',
	'Pet Fish Store',
	'Pet Food',
	'Pet Grooming',
	'Pet Hotel',
	'Pet Photography',
	'Pet Portraits',
	'Pet Shelter',
	'Pet Sitting',
	'Pet Supply Store',
	'Pet Waste Removal',
	'Petting Zoo',
	'Photo Booth',
	'Photo Editing',
	'Photo Restoration Service',
	'Physical Therapy',
	'Piano Tuning',
	'Picture Framing',
	'Pig Farm',
	'Pilates Studio',
	'Pizza Shop',
	'Plant Nursery',
	'Plus Size Clothing Store',
	'Poison Ivy Removal',
	'Pool Cleaning',
	'Pool Hall',
	'Pool Installation',
	'Pop-Up Restaurant',
	'Portable Toilet',
	'Portrait Photography',
	'Post Construction Cleaning',
	'Poultry Farm',
	'Pressure Washing',
	'Print Shop',
	'Private Investigation Firm',
	'Professional Meditation',
	'Professional Organizing',
	'Professional Speech Writing',
	'Programming Bootcamp',
	'Project Management Consulting',
	'Property Management',
	'Prototype Design',
	'Public Relations Agency',
	'Public Speaking Instruction',
	'Pumpkin Farm',
	'Purse Store',
	'Quilt Shop',
	'Radio Station',
	'Rage Room',
	'Real Estate',
	'Real Estate Agent',
	'Real Estate Appraisal',
	'Real Estate Brokerage',
	'Real Estate Investment',
	'Real Estate Photography',
	'Real Estate Staging',
	'Record Label',
	'Record Store',
	'Recording Studio',
	'Recreational Marijuana Dispensary',
	'Relationship Coaching',
	'Religious Retreat Center',
	'Rental Properties',
	'Restaurant Delivery Service',
	'Restaurant Supply',
	'Resume Writing',
	'Retirement Community',
	'Reusable Grocery Bag',
	'Reviews Website',
	'Rock Climbing Gym',
	'Roller Skating Rink',
	'Roof Cleaning',
	'Running Store',
	'RV Park',
	'RV Rental',
	'SaaS (Software as a Service)',
	'Safe Installation',
	'Sandwich Shop',
	'Sauna Installation',
	'School Supply Store',
	'Scooter Rental',
	'Screen & Screen Repair',
	'Screen Printing',
	'Scuba Diving',
	'Sea Salt',
	'Security Guard',
	'Self Defense Training',
	'Self Storage',
	'Sensory Deprivation Tank',
	'Septic Tank Cleaning Service',
	'Shoe Line',
	'Shoe Repair',
	'Shoe Store',
	'Silent Retreat Center',
	'Skate Shop',
	'Skateboarding Lessons',
	'Skating Rink',
	'Ski Resort',
	'Small Engine Repair',
	'Smart Home',
	'Snow Plow',
	'Soap Making',
	'Social Enterprise',
	'Social Media Influencer',
	'Social Media Marketing',
	'Sock Shop',
	'Software Development',
	'Solar Farm',
	'Solar Panel',
	'Souvenir Shop',
	'Speakeasy Bar',
	'Special Needs Coaching',
	'Specialty Suit Store',
	'Sport Memorabilia',
	'Sporting Goods Store',
	'Sports Bar',
	'Sports Photography',
	'Sports Trading Card',
	'Staffing Agency',
	'Stained Glass',
	'Stock Brokerage Firm',
	'Stress Management Training',
	'Stunt Design',
	'Sub Shop',
	'Submarine Tour',
	'Subscription Box',
	'Substance Addiction Center',
	'Summer Camp',
	'Sunglasses Line',
	'Sunglasses Store',
	'Supplement Store',
	'Surfing School',
	'Survival School',
	'Sushi Restaurant',
	'Sustainable Construction Materials',
	'Swim School',
	'Talent Agency',
	'Tanning Salon',
	'Tarot Reading',
	'Tattoo Parlor',
	'Tattoo Removal',
	'Tax Preparation',
	'Taxi Service',
	'Tea Room',
	'Tech Support',
	'Technical Writing',
	'Technology Consulting',
	'Telemedicine Practice',
	'Tennis Instruction',
	'Test Prep',
	'Thai Grocery Store',
	'Therapeutic Riding',
	'Thrift Store',
	'Tile & Grout Cleaning',
	'Tile Installation',
	'Tire Shop',
	'Tobacco Store',
	'Tool Rental',
	'Tour Guide',
	'Tour Operator',
	'Tourist Attraction',
	'Toy Store',
	'Trade School',
	'Trading Card Store',
	'Train Tour',
	'Transportation Service',
	'Travel Agency',
	'Travel Blog',
	'Travel Concierge',
	'Tree Planting Service',
	'Tree Service',
	'Trophy Store',
	'Tuxedo Rental',
	'Underwater Hotel',
	'Underwater Photography',
	'Uniform Store',
	'Urban Farm',
	'Used Book Store',
	'Used Car Dealership',
	'Used Furniture Store',
	'Vacation Rental',
	'Valet Parking Service',
	'Vegan Bakery',
	'Vegan Restaurant',
	'Vegetarian Restaurant',
	'Vehicle Wrap Service',
	'Vending Machine',
	'Virtual Assistant',
	'Virtual Reality Arcade',
	'Virtual Reality Training',
	'Voice Acting',
	'Voice Lessons',
	'Volunteer Organization',
	'Voter Education',
	'Walk-in Clinic',
	'Waste Management',
	'Water Filtration',
	'Water Park',
	'Water Taxi',
	'Water Testing',
	'Water Treatment',
	'Web Design',
	'Web Development',
	'Web Hosting',
	'Wedding Chapel',
	'Wedding Planning',
	'Wedding Venue',
	'Weed Control Service',
	'Weight Loss Center',
	'Wellness Center',
	'Whale Watching Tour',
	'Wheel Alignment',
	'Wholesale Clothing',
	'Wholesale Food',
	'Wholesale Plant',
	'Wig Store',
	'Wildlife Removal',
	'Wine Bar',
	'Wine Store',
	'Workshop Instructor',
	'Workshop Venue',
	'Yacht Charter',
	'Yoga Instructor',
	'Yoga Studio',
	'Yoga Teacher Training',
	'YouTube Channel',
// Filtering Bussiness
function searchBusiness() {
	const input = document.getElementById('search-bussiness-input')

	const searchQuery = document
	const resultsList = document.getElementById('bussiness-results')
	resultsList.innerHTML = ''

	const filteredBusinesses = businessIdeas.filter((business) => {
		return business.toLowerCase().includes(searchQuery)

	if (filteredBusinesses.length >= 0) {
		filteredBusinesses.forEach((business) => {
			const listItem = document.createElement('li')
			listItem.textContent = business

			listItem.addEventListener('click', (e) => {
				searchQuery.value =
				input.value =